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Heartsing is a product of love and personal healing!

The beautiful images that grace Heartsing products are an ode to what quietly pulled me up from the darkest period of my life. A period of grief that was immobilising me.


It was when I began to connect with nature, animals and the angels that guide us, that I was able to let go of the grief and heal  fully. I was guided to follow my heart and find that which brings me joy and so my work is very much about that journey and being a lighthouse for others to follow their hearts in a world  full of heartache and craziness.  

It's important to me as an artist that my products are made locally and with high quality materials so that when you touch them you feel the love that has gone into their process the whole way through.


Heartsing's mission is to spread happiness, uplift and inspire. As I continue to paint and create, new products will be added to the Heartsing collections. All Heartsing products are completely printed, made and packed in Australia.

"Follow your heart , find your joy.

Immerse yourself in what makes your heart sing"​ 

                                                                                                                     - Angela Russo

Angela Russo is an a Australian Artist and the recipient of numerous art awards. Her favourite medium is pastel and ink but she also loves working in charcoal and acrylic. Angela paints what inspires her and brings her joy. Her artworks are often referred to as pieces of happiness that trigger happy memories or bring a smile. In her artworks she endeavours to communicate a celebration of life and a sense of beauty.

Enquiries for original artworks can be made through

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